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Adirondack Hand Towel Bar

Adirondack Hand Towel Bar

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Powder Coat Finish

Add a touch of Adirondack charm to your bathroom with the Adirondack Hand Towel Bar. Its rustic design evokes the tranquility of the Adirondack Mountains, making it a perfect addition to your cabin-inspired decor. Hang your towels with a hint of mountain retreat elegance.

Product Specifications

Bar Length is 18"

Product Dimensions: 24" x 8" x 4" Depth

Product Weight: 4 pounds

Note on Finish

Each metal piece, adorned with its unique surface and finish, is individually handcrafted. This artisanal process lends itself to subtle variations in texture and hue, ensuring every item is one of a kind.

Availability of Products

Every order is crafted to your specific preferences, enabling a more personalized and efficient service. Typically, your custom-made order will be ready for shipment within 2-3 weeks after confirmation.

Proudly Crafted in the USA

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